Travel options by plane

There are several good options for flying to the Dordogne. Airports are Bergerac (about 35 km), Brive La Gaillarde (about 100 km) and Bordeaux (around 170 km).

Obviously these airports offer several options for renting a car. For local transport a car is very recommendable.


Bergerac airport has connections with many airports in the United Kingdom:

  • Aberdeen (FlyBe)
  • Belfast City (FlyBe)
  • Birmingham (FlyBe)
  • Bristol (Ryanair)
  • East Midlands (Ryanair)
  • Edinburgh (FlyBe)
  • Exeter (FlyBe)
  • Glasgow International (FlyBe)
  • Guernsey (FlyBe)
  • Inverness (FlyBe)
  • Isle of Man (FlyBe)
  • Jersey (FlyBe)
  • Leeds Bradford (FlyBe and Jet2)
  • Liverpool (Ryanair)
  • London Stansted (Ryanair)
  • Manchester (FlyBe)
  • Newcastle (FlyBe)
  • Southampton (FlyBe)

Bergerac also has connections with the Netherlands, Rotterdam (Transavia), Ireland, Dublin (FlyBe), Belgium, Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair) and France, Paris (Twinjet).


Among the numerous connections of Bordeaux airport are:

  • London, United Kingdom (British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair)
  • Brussels, Belgium (Brussels Airlines and Easyjet)
  • Brussel Charleroi, Belgium (Ryanair)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Easyjet)


Brive-la-Gaillarde airport offers connections with following airports:

  • London City, United Kingdom (CityJet)
  • London Stansted, United Kingdom (Ryanair)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (CityJet)
  • Paris Orly, France (CityJet)